The Importance of Honesty When Hiring

It should go without saying that being honest throughout the entire hiring process is crucial in order to make the smartest, most beneficial hires. However, because this process can be time consuming and overall exhausting, many hiring managers tend to cut corners to score the best options available in as little time as they can. [...]

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The Big Boom: How to Overcome the Silver Tsunami

Until recently, Baby Boomers held the title of the most populous generation. As such, they also made up a majority of employees in most businesses. However, thousands of Baby Boomers are retiring every day, and under-qualified Millennials are looking to fill their positions. This creates a complex problem for HR, but it can be solved [...]

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Remotivating Your Employees After Summer

Now that summer has ended and vacations begin to dwindle down around the office, some employees may find it difficult to get back in the swing of things. Weeks spent in a tropical location, Fridays where the workday ends hours early, or just a general sense of relaxation throughout the past few months can certainly [...]

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The Best Ways to Recruit Candidates

In today’s business world, recruitment has become an industry in itself, with a large number of third-party websites aiming to alleviate this burden for larger companies. There are countless sources businesses can utilize that may help them find the best candidates available, but it’s best to look at recent trends in recruitment to truly get [...]

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What to Look For When Hiring a Salesperson

Sales is not a job that everyone is equipped for. It’s much more than just picking up the phone and selling something; you have to help the potential client see that what you’re offering them is something they need, without being overly pushy. A salesperson must be able to make cold calls to potential clients, [...]

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2017 Trends in Human Resources

What may surprise most people is how drastic the field of human resources is projected to change following 2016. Many businesses are looking well ahead to prepare for these breakthroughs, and human resource departments that wish to maintain efficiency all over the country are adapting accordingly. Below are some of the projected changes in HR [...]

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HR: Handling Problem Employees

A perfect workplace might include clear communication among employees, fairness, and success as a team. However, problem employees threaten to derail company goals, and are not always avoidable. This falls primarily under the responsibilities of the Human Resources department to address and handle the situation, which can be very time consuming, and can slow productiveness. [...]

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