Over the past few years, technology has developed and changed nearly every aspect of our lives. Some companies have begun drastically changing their hiring processes, which all businesses should be doing if they want to stay competitive. The new tactics that are on the recruitment playing field can hurt companies if they aren’t instituting them during their hiring processes. Employers could once wait while employees came to them, but that is no longer the case; if companies are not competitive with their recruitment processes, they’ll miss out on the brightest minds in their fields. Here are a few ways your company can adapt its hiring process in order to attract the best candidates in the field.

Optimize mobile

According to recent studies , 77 percent of people looking for jobs do so on their phones, either through apps or a mobile browser. This percentage shows that it’s vital employers work on the appearance of their company and hiring website while on mobile, as it is very likely that potential employees will be searching for jobs through that medium.

Utilize social media

Since social media has become such a big part of people’s lives, it can be incredibly beneficial to use it as a recruitment tool. Since your company should have accounts on the larger social media platforms, take time to research which platform your ideal employee would use most often, and then make an effort advertising open jobs and convincing people why they should apply to work at your company.

Streamline your brand

Some companies do not have a clear message for exactly what they do or what the experience working for them is like. Spend time carefully articulating what your company stands for and make that clear on your website and to interested applicants. Also, give your current employees the permission and tools to communicate what it’s like working for the company – this information can provide useful feedback for you and help attract new employees as well.

Speed-up hiring process

For many people, the worst part of applying for a job is how long it takes and never knowing whether or not they’re still being considered. Indeed.com conducted a recent survey where they found out how long top companies’ online application processes took – the average being under 15 minutes, and many were no more than a couple of minutes. Make sure your application process doesn’t take an unusual amount of time. It’s also important to keep applicants updated about their status in the interview process; if they’re no longer being considered, people appreciate knowing that instead of being left in the dark and not knowing their application status.