There are several AI software that can now track and evaluate employee productivity. These AI’s can also gather information from job seeker’s online and compare them to job descriptions and expectations of employers. The software is able to detail previous work history and make calculated proposals about what candidates they believe would be the best fit for the job . Although these AI’s can seem an attractive alternative to the hiring process, there is some factor to keep in mind when researching software for your own business.


AI can track productivity by gathering data and analyzing what employees do at their desk all day. Taking into account what websites they are on, how much time they spend on these websites, logging keystrokes, responsive time to emails, and use of online chats. Storing mass amounts of data, AI can bring up screenshots of an employee’s computer screen from the last thirty days to provide proof of a lack of productivity.


Video monitoring is also a big component of AI software. Employers are able to have surveillance on their employees at any time at their desk . This practice does not apply to all places in the work area. Restrooms, break areas, and locker rooms are strictly prohibited from video surveillance in the workplace. An employee working at their desk is subject to surveillance throughout the workday. This tool can allow managers to track an even more detailed report of productivity with their employees. It is recommended that employers have their employees sign an agreement that they may be under video surveillance in the appropriate spaces of the work area throughout the day.


Will They Stay or Will They Go?


AI can also track your employee’s behavior in the workplace. AI can determine positive and negative behaviors through gathering data about verbiage with employees and customers. If the AI considers other factors to identify a positive or negative employee. Some software takes into consideration the employee’s last promotion, time off, job title and responsibilities, and their salary. These are all factors that new and improving AI software are implemented in the workplace.


A Few Concerns


AI software for employee recruitment and productivity may sound like an attractive option as a manager. There are some privacy issues that may occur when implementing an AI software for productivity. AI recruitment software could come with their own biases as well. The software could look recommend employees who have a well presented online presence or an individual who matches the personal criteria of past hires. There is a possibility of an AI system deeming a job seeker as a bad employee, setting back their chances of receiving interviews and jobs.


With great power comes great responsibility . Incorporating an AI software whether it be for recruitment purposes or otherwise, should always be intensively monitored for inaccuracies and biases. The software does not entirely replace the need for a Human Resources Representative, but it does make the job a bit easier.