Your resume is the most important thing you can give employers to make a good first impression. Your resume should reflect you as a person in the most efficient way possible . Employers go through hundreds if not, thousands of resumes each week. You want to make sure your resume gets the attention it deserves. Follow these steps to make your resume stand out from the rest!


Proper Length


One key component is to make your resume only one page long. Employers do not have time to look over resumes that are longer than one page. In some cases, A resume that is longer than one page will automatically disqualify you from receiving an interview for the job. Keep your resume short, compact, and simple.


Quantifiable Data


When listing previous job experiences or achievements, show it through numbers rather than facts. Employers want to see quantifiable data about how you made a difference with a company or organization . The data on your resume will save you some room for other important information rather than explaining in detail what your accomplishments were.


To The Job


A good resume should be tailored directly to the job that you are applying for. Use your first draft of your resume as a base to create your other versions of your resumes for the job you are after . This means that you will have to adjust your resume accordingly. Decide what previous job experience and skills are going to help you the most when applying for the job.


Cover Letter


Creating a cover letter is in an art form in itself. A cover letter is not necessary for every application you fill out, but it will help you stand out from the rest primarily if it is written well. A cover letter should be used as supplementation to your resume. Reinforce the skills, passion, and drive you to have for the job through the cover letter.


Skills Section


The skills section of your resume is one of the best places to make yourself look good to employers. Be sure to be specific when it comes to these skills. Don’t include skills like “proficient in Microsoft Office.” Avoid generalizing your skills and allow your skill section to supplement the description of your job duties. This will reinforce your skills and make you more marketable to employers.