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Adapting Your Recruitment Process

Over the past few years, technology has developed and changed nearly every aspect of our lives. Some companies have begun drastically changing their hiring processes, which all businesses should be doing if they want to stay competitive. The new tactics that are on the recruitment playing field can hurt companies if they aren’t instituting them [...]

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Tips to Make Your Workplace More Employee-Friendly

Have you noticed lately that your employees are in a slump? It’s a fact that bored employees actually hurt productivity, and that’s certainly not something you want to have in your workplace. Not only can it cause a decline in sales, but it may cause employees to annoy each other and become verbally abusive. As [...]

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How to Retain Your Employees

High turnover rates within a workplace can cost a company time, effort, and productivity. In order to retain your hardest working employees, your business must emerge as one that differs from your competitors, and offers a friendly, inviting environment where people want to work. The following are just a few strategies used to preserve those [...]

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HR: Handling Problem Employees

A perfect workplace might include clear communication among employees, fairness, and success as a team. However, problem employees threaten to derail company goals, and are not always avoidable. This falls primarily under the responsibilities of the Human Resources department to address and handle the situation, which can be very time consuming, and can slow productiveness. [...]

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