A highly sought after work environment in today’s business world is one of great diversity, not only in the employees themselves, but in the ideas shared and implemented within the company.

Many people today would agree that working in a setting which fosters a variety of viewpoints is beneficial for both themselves and the business as a whole, and a company that may be vastly one-sided is bound to deter itself from progress. The notion of unconscious bias comes into play when a business is comprised of staff that all share extremely similar opinions. While employee engagement and overall happiness with their jobs may be boosted by this, it can hurt a business in the long run.

With the advancements of technology and the increased abilities to reach a much larger audience, companies should strive to create the most diverse workforce possible. One of the many benefits that comes with this is an enhanced opportunity for creativity and innovation. With more ideas and opinions in one place, the better chance for a breakthrough that may have otherwise been overlooked. Having many different viewpoints under one roof can supply a business with a pool of ideas that can then be chosen or expanded on.

The idea of diversity in the workplace can include different age groups, ethnicities, genders, and religious views. Allowing each and every employee to voice their opinions or share their ideas can greatly enhance the company’s understanding of its clients. For example, an office in the customer service industry that houses employees who all share the same exact beliefs and values will only be able to properly cater to one specific target audience. A team of employees that encompass a large variety of beliefs and skills allows the business in which they work to better relate to all of its clients, potentially leading to a larger clientele entirely.

However, there are a few challenges that come with increased workplace diversity. There may be an employee or groups of employees in which there is a resistance to change, making it harder for them to accept the growing market. Communication may hindered among team members as well, with cultural barriers presenting themselves in unwanted situations. This can result in decreased levels of teamwork. In order to overcome and avoid these obstacles entirely, be sure to promote acceptance and the fostering of increased diversity. There should not be one department that is more diverse than the next. An entire company needs to embrace this cultural change for its benefits to truly be effective.

Businesses with diversity plans which explain and promote the idea are those that tend to be a step ahead of the rest. Now in the year 2017, companies that refuse to adapt are slowly being phased out due to their lack of innovation, and continued strategies that may now be outdated. Successful businesses involve every one of their employees at every level possible. Exclusion for any reason can lead to resentment among staff members, thus leading to decreased efficiency. Creating a truly diverse workplace can offer more opportunities for innovation and creativity, a broader range of service, and a learning environment for everyone involved.