The way human resources is being viewed is rapidly changing. Human resources used to be viewed as the rule makers, and the rule enforcers. Feared by everyone, getting a summons to go to the human resources office was never a good thing. In 2017, the view of human resources has changed, and it expected to change over the next few years.

Technological Advances

Every aspect of a business is being affected by new technology. Sales, management, and leadership have changed the way they do business because of advancements in technology. Human resources is no different. The digital workplace trend continues to grow. New devices like wearable technology can give human resources a valuable tool. Gathering information is easier than ever with the dawn of wearable technology. Virtual Reality (VR) has potential to alter the way employees are hired and interacted with. VR can give potential hires a virtual tour of their prospective place of work. Training can be conducted through VR methods. Team building events can be conducted over VR technology. Company-wide meetings and presentations can be executed from the comfort of your own home.

Smaller Human Resource Departments

New technologies could mean smaller human resource staff. Managers can use a self-service software to input employee information. This self-service software performs essential duties of a human resources department. Employee benefits are being handled more by the employees. The responsibility for human resources to help with employee benefits will diminish. Companies are looking to outsource basic human resource responsibilities. Outsourcing will eliminate the entry-level human resource representative.

A Shift In Perspective

Social trends have affected the way companies do business. Consumers gravitate towards companies that have a higher good to their business model. Giving back to the community on a local or global scale is what consumers look for in a company. Human resource trends in the future could lean towards a more involved workforce. Giving employees a purpose for their work will help them stay motivated. Human resources should promote more connection between employees and customers. 2017 business trends have shown that a deep personal connection with a customer is beneficial. Establish a connection with a customer, and break down the barrier between worker and customer.


Diversity is beneficial in any work environment. Diversity will become more important in the workplace. Including people of all different races, ages, religions, and disabilities will become a pinnacle point in the hiring process. Social trends dictate that companies that promote diversity will succeed more than companies who do not.