There is no kind of certification needed to work in human resources. These certifications are entirely optional and are used to increase the understanding and skills of work in human resources. Depending on what kind of career you hope to have in human resources can determine if you should look to earn a certification in the field. This article will talk about what kind of certifications are offered in human resources and what purpose they serve in the field.


Professional in Human Resources (PHR)


The Professional in Human Resources certification is a popular certification in the field. The certification focuses on logistics, tactics, program implementation, and U.S laws and regulations. Many professionals who have this certification are either looking to be or are human resources directors for their business. The test to pass the certification takes three hours to complete and can be used for three years after completion.


Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)


People who seek out a Senior Professional in Human Resources certification usually play an integral part in the human resources department. The certification focuses on strategic and policy-making factors of human resources. Positions could include a labor relations manager or even a human resources director. The certification requires someone to complete a large multiple choice exam.


SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP)


This certification is geared towards professionals who focus on strategies and implementing policies for businesses. Professionals with this certification can also double as a point of reference while being able to complete large operational functions under human resources. A large company can use this kind of human resources professional to look at expanding internationally. To earn the certification, you will need to complete a one-hundred and thirty question exam.


Senior Professional in Human Resources – International (SPHRi)


An SPHRi certification is a global certification that can be applied to earn a career as a human resources global manager. The certification entails that the individual has a comprehensive understanding of policy-making, strategy, and overall human resources principles. To receive this certification, someone must take an exam that is about two and a half hours long with one hundred and five questions.


Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR)


The GPHR certification is geared towards human resources global efforts . Professionals will learn about international policy and development, as well as different strategies. Career choices with a GPHR could be a director of global human resources or a global human resources advisor. A one hundred and sixty-five question exam is required to complete the certification.