A Human Resources Recruiter is responsible for some essential duties to help benefit a company. Usually, Human Resources Recruiters are highly educated and highly skilled having a deep understanding about labor laws, employment screening, and the staffing needs of the business they are working for . This article will elaborate on what it takes to be a Human Resources Recruiter and the jobs they perform.




A large part of the job as a Human Resources Recruiter is being able to network with other people and search for the best talent. There are traditional and nontraditional ways in which you can network. The most efficient ways to network are through attending job fairs, local community events, college campuses, and establishing a robust online presence through marketing strategies. These processes will gain attention from potential employees allowing the Human Resources Recruiter to move on to their next task, candidate screening.




Hopefully, with successful marketing strategies and attending career events, you have received many resumes to sift through. It is the job of the Human Resources Recruiter to look through the resumes and pick out which ones are most qualified and meet requirements of the jobs. In some cases, Human Resources Recruiters will go as far as to interview the potential candidates with the help of the hiring manager. The Human Resources Recruiter can give vital insight to the hiring manager about the candidate and therefore help with the hiring process.




The Human Resources Recruiter is responsible for conducting background and reference checks on candidates. The background checks and reference checks are only done when the hiring manager has decided to hire a candidate. Reference checks require a Recruiter to conduct a verification of employment by contacting the candidate’s previous employers and personal references.




A bachelor’s degree is viewed as the norm to become a Human Resources Recruiter. Other certifications in Human Resources are taken into account when looking to hire a Human Resources Recruiter. People interested in a career in Human Resources can receive a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources management and even go further to receive a Masters Degree in the same area of study.


Whether you are interested in becoming a Human Resources Recruiter or not, there is no denying that the position has an impact on how businesses operate. The integrity of employees relies on the knowledge of the Human Resources Recruiter.