Sales is not a job that everyone is equipped for. It’s much more than just picking up the phone and selling something; you have to help the potential client see that what you’re offering them is something they need, without being overly pushy. A salesperson must be able to make cold calls to potential clients, know how to make an effective sales pitch, and close the deal when all’s said and done. They must be prepared to navigate any roadblocks or obstacles that arise and address them accordingly. Because of all of this, it’s important that you select the right hire when looking to bring a new salesperson on board at your business; luckily, these tips will help.


  • Find someone whose experience fits your need.
    • If you’re a startup looking to rapidly expand, you’re going to be looking to hire different individuals than if you are a well-established business looking to bring on a new member to their sales team. If your company is new, you’re not going to look for a well-seasoned salesperson with two decades worth of experience under his belt because he’s likely to be doing a lot of various tasks required of new sales staff. You’re also not going to want to hire someone fresh out of school, either, because you need someone who already has a basic grasp of how to make sales. You want to make sure you find the right fit for your company.


  • They need to show passion.
    • An unenthusiastic salesperson who is completely indifferent about whether or not they sell their product is not going to put many sales on the book. You need to find yourself a worker who not only demonstrates passion but is passionate about your company and your mission as well. The best kind of salesperson will be one who is excited about their job and whose excitement translates to their clients.


  • Find someone excited about working for commission.
    • It’s common in sales for the salesperson to receive pay that’s a mix of salary and earned commission. According to a World at Work report , the most common salary/commission splits for salespeople are 80/20, 70/30, and 40/60. If you’re looking for a salesperson who’s going to rake in a lot of sales, you want to find someone who is chomping at the bit to work for commission. If you want to really incentivise to sell, a 40/60 split where the salesperson is responsible for earning the 60% through sales will be more invested in making sales.