As discussed in our previous blog , recruiting is an incredibly important aspect of business that should be treated with care. Poor hires, as employers know, can cost significant amounts of money in the long run, leaving a business one step behind its competitors. Though some may have fantastic recruitment plans in place, companies searching for tech talent understand that an entirely different approach is needed in order to find the best available.

  1. Consult a Tech Expert

The field of information technology is much different than what you would normally recruit for when dealing with open positions in office settings, which can prove troublesome for internal recruiters and hiring managers. Bring in a tech professional skilled in analyzing those within his or her field to ensure they are bringing a skillset to the table that will actually benefit your business’s needs.


  1. Cater to the Masses

Millennials are expected to make up more than 75% of the workforce by the year 2030. Keep this in mind during your recruitment process. The millennial generation is one that benefits greatly from innovation, both in the workplace, and through benefits offered. Allow for flexible schedules and work-from-home days, and try to entice this audience in a tech world that is largely populated by the giants in Silicon Valley. These are tactics that can surely attract a generation that is extremely tech savvy.

  1. Diversify

It is usually no secret to those within the tech industry that diversity is scarce. Women make up just 25% of computing jobs today. Acknowledging this statistic is a great way to cast a wider net when recruiting, encouraging more women to apply to the positions you need filled. The pool of tech talent is quickly shrinking, so fine tuning your efforts and targeting a much more specific demographic can actually lead to a higher number of candidates.

  1. Be Personable

This is a tip that can be applied to nearly every aspect of business, but when it comes to hiring IT professionals, it can mean much more. What is your vision of an IT department? Most may see a group of employees huddled around corners in a room tucked far away from the main office. Sadly, this is the case for many IT departments throughout the country. But, with a huge increase in demand for tech jobs and the high turnover rate that comes with it, a shift in this culture can do wonders for a business. Treat tech professionals that you hire as valued members of your team as you would any other employee.