In today’s business world, recruitment has become an industry in itself, with a large number of third-party websites aiming to alleviate this burden for larger companies. There are countless sources businesses can utilize that may help them find the best candidates available, but it’s best to look at recent trends in recruitment to truly get a feel for how today’s companies are finding next-generation leaders and CEO’s.

The job title of recruiter can be defined as either agency or internal, both of which tasked with solving hiring needs and finding efficient staff members. However, who they recruit for differs. Agency recruiters operate within a firm that searches for potential employees in one specific career field, often having a clientele of dozens of businesses. Internal recruiters are employees of one company, and are given the responsibility of finding candidates to fill open roles within that respective company. Though their titles may differ, many recruiters strategies are often the same.

Job Sites

Monster, CareerBuilder, and Indeed are some of the most popular sites job recruiters use to advertise open positions, and, more importantly, are plethoras of employee resumes. Monster alone sees 29 resumes uploaded every minute . The information stored in these databases is available to recruiters and companies with paid access.

Professionals are able to search for candidates via job titles and keywords relating to any positions they are seeking to fill. But, it is important to note that many of the potential employees on these websites are more than likely passively searching for a new career, in that they may not be in a hurry to leave their current position, but they want other employers out there to view their skills and experience. Reaching out to these candidates in a persuasive manner can be an extremely effective strategy.


While social media is a great tool for recruiters to advertise open positions within their companies, no profile allows you to directly target a group of professionals quited like LinkedIn. Recruiters are able to create specific accounts that allow them to search for candidates based on experience, education, interests, and more. If you as a recruiter come across an individual who is extremely well-qualified for a position you are looking to fill, you are able to reach out to them and extend your offer even if they are not actively searching for a new job, unlike career sites or job boards.

Of the 500 million users on LinkedIn , most are very active in updating their profiles, joining groups, and networking online, allowing you to cater your search very specifically. With the amount of information users are able to share on this site, including job history, education, volunteer work, awards, and even languages spoken, finding a potential employee is made that much easier.

Professional Events

As much as social media and technology today has made networking easier, there is still tremendous value in face-to-face interactions when it comes to recruiting for your business. Networking events and job fairs are some of the most popular places for recruiters to find strong candidates, as they have been for years. Events focused specifically on your company or firm’s industry are, of course, the most opportune places to find potential employees, but putting your name out there as an employer casts a wide net for all applicants to see.

Focus on building relationships with individuals who seem interested in the position you are offering. Being personal and genuinely interested in what they have to say is a great way to show how strong your company culture is. Even if a connection isn’t made right then and there, passing along your information to job seekers is a surefire way to have them keep you in mind.